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AQUALABEL Royal Rich Essence 30ml

RM 139.90

Aqualabel’s new anti-ageing line, to help you achieve radiant skin as it delivers a concentrated dose of nutritious fermented royal jelly to revitalise fatigued and stressed complexion. Contains double hyaluronic acid to help retain moisture instantly upon application, and Asian ginseng extract to rejuvenate skin. Lightly perfumed with a rose fragrance.

添加專為女性抗老特別研發青春關鍵成分「發酵蜂王乳精華」,可活化真皮層,讓肌膚年輕有彈性!另外,以活化細胞的高麗 人蔘精華,使肌膚的新陳代謝達到最佳的境界,讓肌膚可以保持柔嫩。搭配雙重玻尿酸等保濕成分的高密度凝水基底,讓水分子充滿每一吋肌膚,變得年輕有彈性。 

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