ANGFA Scalp D Beaute Pure Free Eyebrow Serum 6ml

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This eyebrow serum contains the original ingredient Lash D Capsule, beauty ingredients sealed in nano-sized capsules. It also contains Redensyl and Capixyl which works on naturally-thin eyebrows, or eyebrows that has stop growing due to over-plucking. It creates the ideal eyebrow with its optimal prescription for eyebrows that works along the hair cycle of eyebrow, especially focusing on the beginning of the growing period. The serum is colored light brown with a mineral pigment that is safe on the skin, iron oxide, making it easier to differentiate parts that have been applied.

In addition, it comes with an ultra-thin brush that makes it easy to precisely apply to desired places, or in a desired shape. The color fades away as it dries, making it usable before putting makeup on.

將在頭皮護理的技術應用到眉毛上,添加了將美容成分鎖定於奈米膠囊中的“Rush D Capsule”。而且,富含針對天生稀疏眉毛和過度拔除不再生長的眉毛發揮作用的Redensyl、乙醯基四肽-3等眉毛專用成分。於眉毛的生長周期中特別重視生長初期,設計出了最適合眉毛生長的配方,打造理想眉毛。為了令塗抹部位一目了然分,利用安全性較高的礦物顏料(氧化鐵)染成淡茶色。


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