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ANESSA Perfect UV Sunscreen BB Foundation SPF50 25ml, Light Beige

RM 109.90

A multi-tasking liquid foundation formulated with Anessa "Aqua Booster" technology. It reacts with the minerals in perspiration and water to create a more protective UV shield on your skin. For face and body. Ideal for sports and outdoor activities.

1瓶具備粧前飾底乳、BB霜、粉底多功效,抗汗控油。添加「美肌粉末」防止肌膚變得粗糙。一抹自然潤色,遮蓋斑點及修飾毛孔。 水凝防禦膜科技,讓UV防禦膜遇汗、遇水時不易脫落。臉部、身體適用。

*Direct imported from Japan/Taiwan.

For single order above *RM100 (WM)
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